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The Law (Rules of Le Site)

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1The Law (Rules of Le Site) Empty The Law (Rules of Le Site) on Tue Apr 24, 2012 10:06 pm

1. Respect your fellow members Moderators and Admins. Your Mod and Admin Team work hard to make this place how it is have the courtesy to try to respect them their rules and their ways.
2. THERE WILL BE ABSOLUTELY NO Racial Homophobic or Pornographic content. It will Result in an Immediate Ban.
3. No spamming please it's fine to mess up a few times but when your Mods/Admins are repeatedly telling you just stop I mean we have a spam topic for a reason.
4. No trolling Flaming or "bullying" Trolls Flamers and outright bad people will be warned when they do wrong and after three warnings next time they break the rules they're banned.
5. Not a big rule but try not to double post I mean we have edit bars.
6. You'll as punishment for breaking any of these laws will result in a verbal warning an Official warning (break get three of these and you will be banned temporarily) An outright ban of a day week month year or life. Also chatting privileged may be revoked.
Post here with any rule suggestions or questions.

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